What is communication? We know it from everyday life. People communicate with animals. Without communication, the world would be silent, formless. Communication is a kind of manifestation of life. We know the different types of communication - from verbal to nonverbal, character. In history, people communicate their mutual meetings or by mail - letters.  

Today, the situation is such that we talk in cooperation, although we are not physically together. This was facilitated by modern technology. Despite this advantage, the technique is still not 100 percent mimic the situation of a personal encounter.

Today is the very expanded over the so-called social networks. I often discussed the concept is just a social-networking site Facebook. Browse through it can communicate with each other and find new friends. Through Facebook, we can use Facebook search for people to find fresh people and get to know them. This system is popular enough to register and log in through the login home page. We cannot talk to only  but also to share video, images or other multimedia content, which we took. In Facebook, there are other social networks like Myspace, Google, etc…. Communication thus plays an important part of our lives. We can use some iPad for better connection online with other. Some people buying refurbished iPad for lower price.

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